Microsoft.Practices.Prism.Interactivity Namespace


Class Description
Public class ApplicationBarButtonCommand
Associates a command to an ApplicationBarIconButton.
Public class ApplicationBarButtonNavigation
Subscribes to a ApplicationBarIconButton click event and navigates on the event.
Public class ApplicationBarExtensions
Extensions to the IApplicationBar.
Public class BindingChangedEventArgs
The event arguments for the ChangedHandler delegate.
Public class BindingListener
Attaches a binding lister to a FrameworkElement to enable the use of binding expressions from items that don't support Binding expressions (e.g. Expression Blend Silverlight 3 Behaviors).
Public class DependencyPropertyListener
Registers a new dependency property for tracking data and provides notification on data changes.
Public class UpdatePasswordBindingOnPropertyChanged
Custom behavior that updates the source of a binding on a password box as the text changes.
Public class UpdateTextBindingOnPropertyChanged
Custom behavior that updates the source of a binding on a text box as the text changes.


Delegate Description
Public delegate ChangedHandler
The delegate to invoke when the value monitored by the BindingListener changes.