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This content and the technology described is outdated and is no longer being maintained. For more information, see Transient Fault Handling.

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Authors: Dominic Betts, Jérémi Bourgault, Julián Domínguez, Ercenk Keresteci, Grigori Melnik, Fernando Simonazzi, and Erwin van der Valk

Technical Reviewers: Neil Mackenzie, Valery Mizonov, Eugenio Pace, Paweł Wilkosz, and Michael Wood

Book Designer: John Hubbard

Graphic Artist: Katie Niemer

Editors: RoAnn Corbisier, Nelly Delgado, and Nancy Michell

The Enterprise Library Integration Pack for Microsoft Azure Development Team

Product/Program Management: Grigori Melnik (Microsoft Corporation)

Architecture/Development: Julián Domínguez (Microsoft Corporation), Fernando Simonazzi (Clarius Consulting), Jérémi Bourgault (nVentive Inc.), and Ercenk Keresteci (Full Scale 180 Inc)

Testing: Mani Krishnaswami and Carlos Farre (Microsoft Corporation), Neeraj Jain, Murugesh Muthuvilavan, Karthick Natarajan, Thamilarasi Nataraj and Rathi Velusamy (Infosys Technologies Ltd.)

User Experience/Documentation:Dominic Betts, Nancy Michell (Content Master Ltd.), Rick Carr (DCB Software Testing, Inc.), Nelly Delgado (Microsoft Corporation) and Erwin van der Valk (Erwin van der Valk)

Release Management: Richard Burte (, Inc.), Grigori Melnik (Microsoft Corporation), and Jérémi Bourgault (nVentive Inc.)

Administrative Support: Kerstin Scott (Microsoft Corporation)


Many people contributed to this release. We are grateful to all of them!

Advisory Council Nikolai Blackie (Adaptiv), Ivan Bodyagin (ABBYY), Federico Boerr (Southworks), Leandro Boffi (Tellago), Michael Collier (Independent), Hans De Graaf (New Day at Work), Jason De Oliveira (Capgemini Sogeti), Dave Fellows (GreenButton), Ştefan Filip (HPC Consulting), Sam Fold (Arkadium), Nuno Filipe Godinho (Independent), Neil Mackenzie (Independent), Daniel Piessens (Zywave), Marc Remmers (42windmills), Keith Stobie (Independent), François Tanguay (nVentive), Mihai Tataran (HPC Consulting), Stas Tkachenko (Arkadium), Trent Swenson (Full Scale 180), Gabriel Szletchman (3mellons), Philippe Vialatte (Independent), Guido Vilariño (3mellons/Disney), Oleg Volkov (New Day At Work), Paweł Wilkosz (Motorola Solution Systems), Michael Wood (Cumulux Inc.), and our Microsoft colleagues: Mark Aggar, David Aiken, Kashif Alam, Jaime Alva Bravo, Cihan Biyikoglu, Jim Davis, John Dawson, Scott Densmore, Lenny Fenster, Danny Garber, Rick Hines, Tom Hollander, Dmitri Martynov, Steve Marx, Tony Meleg, Suren Machiraju, Ade Miller, Valery Mizonov, Walter Myers, Masashi Narumoto, Bhushan Nene, Eugenio Pace, Curt Peterson, James Podgorski, Srilatha Rayasam, Paolo Salvatori, Marc Schweigert, Mark Simms, Eric Slippern, Vijay Sen, and Tim Wieman.

The contributions of Valery Mizonov and the whole AppFabric Customer Advisory Team (CAT) deserve a special mention. The Transient Fault Handling Application Block is based on the detection and retry strategies originally developed by the AppFabric CAT team. The enhanced Transient Fault Handling Application Block is a collaboration between the patterns & practices and the AppFabric CAT teams.

We’d also like to highlight our exceptional collaboration with Microsoft Consulting Services (Lenny Fenster, Danny Garber, Rick Hines, Walter Myers, and Marc Schweigert) whose regular feedback helped us stay grounded in the real world scenarios. Thank you for not letting us overlook many important ones.

Community Many thanks to Rahul Rai, Sudhakar Reddy D V, Maarten Baaliauw, Zoiner Tejada and all who voted on the backlog, beta tested our early code drops, and provided meaningful feedback. Also, we thank the attendees of the patterns & practices symposia, TechReady, and TechEd conferences who provided informal feedback.

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