StorSimple Support 5000 - 7000 Series


Support options

There are two ways to get support for your StorSimple appliance.

  • You can go to our Online Help site. This website contains a wealth of information on how to deploy and manage your StorSimple appliance. A login for this site is required. Please contact support if you do not have a login to this site.

  • You can also contact a Microsoft Support professional. To open a support case, click here: Support ticket

Critical alerts:

If your StorSimple appliance is running a version prior to v2.1.1.394, you need to immediately upgrade to the latest version to eliminate a risk of data loss caused by a memory leak in the NVRAM protection service. (For more information, see CSC-4401 in v. of the StorSimple Release Notes).

If your StorSimple appliance is running version v2.1.1.325 or later, you can perform the upgrade as described in the Software Patch Upgrade Guide. If your appliance is running a version earlier than v2.1.1.325, contact Microsoft Support to upgrade your appliance.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I upgrade my StorSimple appliance to the latest version of the firmware and software?

A. The latest software version is, released in August 2015. The latest firmware version is Instructions for upgrading appliance software and firmware and links to download the current upgrade packages are available at our Online Help site. Release notes for the software update are available here.

  • If your appliance is currently running software / firmware older than version and you wish to upgrade, please contact technical support. Upgrading from a version prior to .325 will require assistance from the support team, since a very specific upgrade sequence must be followed to avoid the risk of system downtime.

  • If your StorSimple appliance is running software version or lower, or if it was running version or lower when it was purchased and installed, a disk firmware update may be required. To verify whether a disk firmware update is needed or to plan and schedule an upgrade with the support team, please open a support case using this link. A guide to the disk firmware upgrade process, including a prerequisite checklist, is available at our Online Help site.

Q. How do I configure my StorSimple appliance?

A. Follow these guidelines:

Q. How do I access the software downloads page at the StorSimple Online Help site?

A. You will need an account to sign into our Online Help site in order to access software downloads and other protected areas of the site. To request an Online Help account, please visit the Microsoft support site for StorSimple and open a case with our technical support team.

Q. I need assistance with my StorSimple appliance. How do I contact technical support?

A. Please visit the Microsoft support site for StorSimple to open a case with our technical support team. For critical issues impacting a production appliance or server, please call the Microsoft support line for your location. Support phone numbers are listed here. Please note that for high-severity support requests, you or another contact from your company must be immediately available to work with our support team on troubleshooting.

Q. Are any Knowledge Base articles available for the StorSimple product?

A. The StorSimple Support team has published a number of KB articles related to StorSimple questions and common issues. Below is a list of the articles that are currently available for StorSimple.