getNominatedCandidatePair method

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Retrieves the selected candidate pair on which media is flowing.

If there is no selected pair yet, or consent is lost on the selected pair, NULL is returned.


var retval = RTCIceTransport.getNominatedCandidatePair();


This method has no parameters.

Return value

Type: RTCIceCandidatePair

If there is no nominated pair yet, or consent is lost on the nominated pair, NULL is returned.

Standards information

RTCIceCandidatePair Dictionary

The RTCIceCandidatePair contains the currently selected ICE candidate pair.

dictionary RTCIceCandidatePair {
             RTCIceCandidate local;
             RTCIceCandidate remote;
Dictionary Member Type Description
local RTCIceCandidate The local ICE candidate.
remote RTCIceCandidate The remote ICE candidate.


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