RTCRtpCapabilities Dictionary object

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Called with the getCapabilities method to express the capabilities of RTCRtpSender and RTCRtpReceiver objects.

Features which are mandatory to implement in [RTP-USAGE], such as RTP/RTCP multiplexing [RFC5761], audio/video multiplexing [RTP-MULTI-STREAM] and reduced size RTCP [RFC5506] are assumed to be available and are therefore not included in RTCRtpCapabilities, although these features can be set via RTCRtpParameters.


dictionary RTCRtpCapabilities {
             sequence<RTCRtpCodecCapability> codecs;
             sequence<RTCRtpHeaderExtension> headerExtensions;
             sequence<DOMString>             fecMechanisms;

Standards information


Member Type Description
codecs sequence<RTCRtpCodecCapability> Supported codecs.
fecMechanisms sequence<DOMString> Supported Forward Error Correction (FEC) mechanisms.
headerExtensions sequence<RTCRtpHeaderExtensions> Supported RTP header extensions.


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