getCapabilities method

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Obtain the receiver capabilities, based on kind.

If kind is omitted or is set to " ", then all capabilities are returned. Capabilities such as retransmission [RFC4588], redundancy [RFC2198], and Forward Error Correction that do not have an associated value of kind are always included, regardless of the value of kind passed to getCapabilities(). To avoid confusion, getCapabilities(kind) should return codecs with a matching intrinsic kind value, as well as codecs with no intrinsic kind (such as redundancy [RFC2198]). For codecs with no intrinsic kind, RTCRtpCapabilities. RTCRtpCodecCapability[i].kind returned by getCapabilities(kind) should be set to the value of kind, if kind is equal to "audio" or "video". If the kind argument was omitted or set to "", then the value of RTCRtpCapabilities.RTCRtpCodecCapability[i].kind is set to " ".


var retval = RTCRtpReceiver.getCapabilities(kind);


  • kind [optional]
    Type: DOMString

    Returns the kind of codec.

Return value

Type: RTCRtpCapabilities

Returns the RTP Capabilities.

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