getLocalParameters method

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Obtain the local SRTP/SDES parameter sets.


var retval = RTCSrtpSdesTransport.getLocalParameters();


This method has no parameters.

Return value

Type: sequence<RTCSrtpSdesParameters>

Local SRTP/SDES parameter sets.

Standards information

RTCSrtpSdesParameters Dictionary

dictionary RTCSrtpSdesParameters {
             unsigned short            tag;
             DOMString                 cryptoSuite;
             sequence<RTCSrtpKeyParam> keyParams;
             sequence<DOMString>       sessionParams;
Members Type Definition
cryptoSuite DOMString The ciphersuite to be utilized, in the syntax defined for 'srtp-crypto-suite' in [RFC4568] Section 9.2
keyParams sequence<RTCSrtpKeyParam> The key parameters to be utilized, as described in [RFC4568] Section 6.1. Calls to RTCSrtpSdesTransport.getLocalParameters should return only a single RTCSrtpKeyParam dictionary entry.
sessionParams sequence<DOMString> A sequence of session parameters to be utilized, each in the syntax defined for 'session-param' in [RFC4568] Section 9.1
tag unsigned short The tag identifying the parameters set, in the syntax defined for 'tag' in [RFC4568] Section 9.1.


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