H.264UC extensions object

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The extensions defined in this section relate to Microsoft's implementation of the H.264/SVC codec ("H.264UC"), documented in [MS-H264PF].


The H.264UC extensions object has these types of members:

  • Methods
  • Properties


The H.264UC extensions object has these methods.

Method Description

Extends the RTCRtpReceiver object, requesting that a source identified by a CSRC be sent to the receiver. This extension is designed for use with the H.264UC codec, which supports an RTCP source request message.



The H.264UC extensions object has these properties.

Property Description

Source Range (Dictionary)

The range extension to RTCRtpEncodingParameters enables an implementation of the H.264UC codec supporting MRST transport to demultiplex layers encoded with a range of SSRCs.


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