Cumulative Servicing Release for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 (KB3110221)



This cumulative servicing release that provides fixes to Visual Studio 2015 Update 1. These fixes address high-impact bugs that were either found by the product team or reported from the community.

Download information

Download the Cumulative Servicing Release for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 (KB3110221) here

Bugs fixed in version 14.0.24730.02, released on 2/9/2016

Issue 1:

Visual Studio Update 1 contains a bug that causes several of the graphical editors to either not open or fail to operate as designed. Affected files include scenes (.fbx), shaders (.dgsl), and some image types (.png). The typical erroneous behavior that is seen is either a display of XML text instead of a graphical representation of the file or receiving a dialog box that indicates that an 0x80020101 error occurred.

Bugs fixed in version 14.0.24728.02, released on 1/19/2016

Issue 1:

Visual Studio may crash when you edit C# or Visual Basic files while debugging.

Issue 2:

Visual Studio may crash when you try to view the details of a C++ Memory Usage snapshot that was taken either during or outside a debugging session.

Issue 3:

You cannot create a project or open existing projects by using Visual Studio 2015 Express for Windows 10.

Bugs fixed in version 14.0.24723.02, released on 12/14/2015

Issue 1:

The Visual Basic command-line compiler (Vbc.exe) crashes when you compile a compound operator that targets an instance field or array element if the target type is Decimal and the value type is Double or Single. Code patterns such as the following are problematic. Additional information is available in this bug.

Public Class TestClass  
    Private _rotation As Decimal  
    Private Sub CalculateDimensions()   
        _rotation *= 180 / Math.PI 'This line causes '"vbc.exe" exited with code -2146232797'  
    End Sub  
End Class  

Issue 2:

After you upgrade Visual Studio 2015 to Visual Studio 2015 Update 1, T4MVC stops working. This issue occurs because the CodeParameter2 class no longer has a value for the Name property. For more information about this issue, see Ensure that an EnvDTE.CodeParameter.Name returns the correct value for parameters defined in metadata.

Issue 3:

When you work with the Windows Forms Designer in Visual Studio 2015, you receive the following error message:

An error was encountered during code generation. The changes you have made in the designer have not been committed to the source code. It is recommended that you close and re-open the source file. The error message follows: Value does not fall into the expected range.

This issue prevents you from creating Windows Forms applications by using the designer. For more information about this issue, see Explicitly remove code model elements from the CleanableWeakComHandleTable when they are deleted.

Issue 4:

Breakpoints are deleted in Visual C++ projects if you debug a file that’s not associated with the project and then you close the unassociated file. This issue may also occur if no projects are open in the Solution Explorer, and then you close the unassociated file.

Information about this release

This Cumulative Servicing Release can be installed only on computers that have Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 installed. All fixes are cumulatively added to a single installer and cannot be installed individually. The Cumulative Servicing Release may have been installed automatically together with Visual Studio 2015 Update 1. You can check by going to Help -> About Microsoft Visual Studio in Visual Studio. To ensure you have the latest fixes, you can download and install the Cumulative Servicing Release from this page. You do not have to uninstall previous versions to install the latest version.

You will not need to restart your machine after you install this Cumulative Servicing Release.

File details

Version Visual Studio 2015
File Name VS14-KB3110221.exe
Date Published 2/9/2016
File Size 2.4 MB

Installation Instructions

Click this link to start the download, and then use one of the following installation options to install over the Internet:

  • Click Run to install now.

  • To download an installer that you can run later, click Save. (When you install, the computer must be connected to the Internet.)

  • To create a local copy to install offline, click Save, open a Command Prompt window at that location, and then run the .exe file by using the /layout switch.

System Requirements

The system requirements for this Cumulative Servicing Release are unchanged from Visual Studio 2015 System Requirements. For information about operating system compatibility, see the Visual Studio 2015 Compatibility page.

Applies to

  • Visual Studio Professional 2015

  • Visual Studio Enterprise 2015

  • Visual Studio Community 2015

  • Visual Studio Express 2015 for Web

  • Visual Studio Express 2015 for Desktop

  • Visual Studio Express 2015 for Windows 10