Before your data center move


There are optional tasks you can do before the move. If you do nothing, the move for each service will occur a minimum of two weeks after the notification is sent.

Watch for notification of the move for each service

We'll post a message in your Office 365 message center a minimum of two weeks before the Exchange Online, SharePoint Online (including OneDrive for Business), and Skype for Business services are moved. Each service will receive its own message. Moves started in September 2015.

After each service is moved, we’ll post a completion notice, so you’ll get three completion notices: one each for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online (including OneDrive for Business), and Skype for Business. If a move can’t be completed as scheduled, we’ll post a message in the following month saying which service was not moved. When your move is rescheduled you’ll get a new notification with the month in which that service will move.

To get to the message center, in the Office 365 admin center, select Message center.

If you use an IP-based firewall, add allow rules for the new IP addresses

We recommend using DNS filtering for firewalls instead of IP addresses. There are no new DNS entries required.

If you use an IP-based firewall for Internet connectivity, you must add allow rules for the new IP addresses for the destination datacenter region. IP addresses for new datacenter regions, in addition to new servers, are continuously added to Office 365 URLs and IP Address Ranges.

Consult your firewall documentation for information about how to add allow rules (also known as whitelisting).

After adding IP addresses, you may want to test connectivity to the new datacenter region. To do this, we recommend creating a new free 30-day trial tenant as soon as the new datacenter region is available.

If needed, update your MX record

If you receive a message in your message center about updating your MX record, we've detected that you must update your MX record before your Exchange Online service can be moved.

Customers who were migrated from Forefront Online Protection for Exchange to Exchange Online Protection or who upgraded from FOPE to Office 365 or Exchange Online, and didn't update their MX record at that time receive this notification.

If you didn't receive a message about your MX record in your message center, no action is needed.

To update your MX record:

  1. Sign in to Office 365 and go to the Manage domains page.

  2. In the Action column for your domain, choose Fix issues.

  3. In the MX records section, choose What do I fix?

  4. Follow the directions on this page to update your MX record.

Test using a new tenant

If you'd like to test connectivity prior to the move, you can set up a free 30-day trial tenant after the new datacenter region is available, and use it to experience Office 365 hosted in the new datacenter region.

The trial tenant can’t be combined with your existing tenant:

  • Users must use a separate trial account for their testing.

  • There is no way to move data between tenants.

Notify users about what to expect

After you get notifications about an upcoming service move in the Office 365 message center, let your users know what to expect: