Label Control (Forms and Reports) [Access 2003 VBA Language Reference]

Labels on a form or report display descriptive text such as titles, captions, or brief instructions. Labels have certain characteristics:

  • Labels don't display values from fields or expressions.
  • Labels are always unbound.
  • Labels don't change as you move from record to record.

Note  This control should not be confused with the Dynamic HTML label control used on a data access page. For information about a label control on a data access page, see Label Control (Data Access Pages).


A label can be attached to another control. When you create a text box, for example, it has an attached label that displays a caption for that text box. This label appears as a column heading in the Datasheet view of a form.

When you create a label by using the Label tool, the label stands on its own — it isn't attached to any other control. You use stand-alone labels for information such as the title of a form or report, or for other descriptive text. Stand-alone labels don't appear in Datasheet view.

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