Configuring User Accounts for Communicator Web Access

Topic Last Modified: 2009-05-13

When you configure a user account you can grant the user any (or all) of the following privileges:

  • Federation. Allows the user to communicate with users from a federated organization.
  • Remote User Access. Allows the user to connect to the internal network when outside the organization’s firewall. (This connection is typically made by going through an Edge Server.)
  • Public IM Connectivity. Allows the user to communicate with users from a public instant messaging (IM) network.
  • Enhanced Presence. Allows the user to not only report presence information, but to control who can access this information (as well as how much of the information they can access).

When you configure a user for Office Communications Server 2007 R2 some options might not be available. For example, the option that allows the user to organize meetings with anonymous users might be unavailable. If so, that is because the setting has been configured at the forest level, and cannot be changed on a per-user basis.