TimerItem Members

Defines a timer item.

The TimerItem type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public method TimerItem Initializes a new instance of the [TimerItem] class.



Name Description
Public property IsStarted Gets the current timer item status.
Public property RemainingTime Gets the remaining time span for [TimerItem] before the [TimerItem] expires.
Public property TimerSpan Gets the timer span value.
Public property Wheel Gets the timer wheel.



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Public method Reset()()()() Resets the timer item by rescheduling it for a period of time equal to the original timer span.
Public method Reset(TimeSpan) Resets the timer item by rescheduling it for the new period of time specified.
Public method Start Enables the timer item by setting the expiration time and adding the item to the queue.
Public method Stop Disables the timer item by removing it from the timer queue and resetting the expiration time.
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Name Description
Public event Expired Raised when the item expires.


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