RealTimeEndpoint Properties

The RealTimeEndpoint type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public property ApplicationContext Gets or sets the application context.
Public property ApplicationUserAgent Gets or sets the application user agent string.
Public property ConnectionManager Gets or sets the connection manager.
Public property DefaultDomain
Public propertyStatic member DefaultPeerToPeerEndpointConnectionManager Get the default connection manager for [SipPeerToPeerEndpoint].
Public propertyStatic member DefaultSipEndpointConnectionManager Get the default connection manager for [SipEndpoint].
Public property DesiredSessionTimerInterval Gets or sets the desired session timer interval of the application.
Public property DisableAutomaticRetryForRetryAfter
Public property DisableReferredBySigning Obsolete.
Public property DisplayName Gets or sets the user name preferred by the application for the local user.
Public property Gruu Gets or sets the [GRUU] of the endpoint, if any.
Public property Id Gets the [ID] for this endpoint.
Public property IsDialogResiliencySupported
Public property IsSessionTimerSupported Gets or sets the default policy used for the session timer.
Public property MaximumSessionConnectDuration
Public property MinimumSessionTimerInterval Gets or sets the minimum session interval.
Public property ReliableProvisionalResponsePolicy Gets or sets the default policy for supporting 100rel extension feature.
Protected property SyncRoot Gets the [SyncRoot] of this endpoint.
Public property Uri Represents the [URI] of the identity owning this endpoint.
Public property UserAgent Gets the user agent string used for messages.


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