Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.AudioVideo Namespace


Class Description
Public class AudioChannel Audio Stream.
Public class AudioChannelTemplate Audio Stream Template.
Public class AudioControl Responsible for everything in the AudioVideoFlow referenced to Audio.
Public class AudioControlTemplate Audio Control Template.
Public class AudioVideoCall AudioVideoCall class is the Call implementation class, which supports the "audio", "video" media type.
Public class AudioVideoCallTransferReceivedEventArgs Represents the event argument for handling transfer received event.
Public class AudioVideoFlow Session represents a media connection with single remote participant.
Public class AudioVideoFlowConfigurationChangedEventArgs EventArgs for ConfigurationChanged.
Public class AudioVideoFlowConfigurationRequestedEventArgs
Public class AudioVideoFlowTemplate AudioVideoFlowTemplate is used to configure changes that must be made on AudioVideoFlow.
Public class AudioVideoMcuParticipantEndpointProperties Class to hold properties for participants joined to the Audio Video MCU.
Public class AudioVideoMcuSession Allows requests to be made to the Audio Video MCU.
Public class AudioVideoMcuSessionProperties Storage for AudioVideoMcu properties.
Public class AudioVideoSettings Global configuration of audio/video platform.
Public class CodecCollection<(Of <(<'T>)>)> Public codec collection.
Public class IncomingFaxDetectedEventArgs
Public class MediaChannel Media Stream.
Public class MediaChannelTemplate Media Stream Template.
Public class MediaSink MediaSink is an abstract class that defines the interface used by the Recorder class to buffer media when an Audio or Video session is being recorded.
Public class MediaSource MediaSource class is the base class for all media sources and provides an encapsulation for all media.
Public class NetworkPortRange Available audio/video communication port range.
Public class Player Class represents entity capable of playing media.
Public class PlayerStateChangedEventArgs EventArgs for StateChanged.
Public class QualityOfService
Public class ReadOnlyDictionary<(Of <(<'K, V>)>)> Represents a generic read-only collection of key/value pairs.
Public class Recorder Class represents entity capable of recording media from a ????????.
Public class RecorderStateChangedEventArgs EventArgs for StateChanged.
Public class SpeechRecognitionConnector SpeechRecognitionConnector can be bound to an AVFlow, and provides a stream of audio data compatible with SpeechFX.
Public class SpeechRecognitionStream A Stream implementation, for consumption by SpeechFX, which is backed by data received as RTP by an AudioVideoFlow.
Public class SpeechSynthesisConnector SpeechSynthesis connector can be attached to an AVFlow, and provides a Stream interface to feed audio data to the flow.
Public class ToneController Class is responsible for handling telephony tone communication between session and application.
Public class ToneControllerEventArgs Event argument forwarded by ToneController to notify that a new tone has started or stopped.
Public class VoiceActivityChangedEventArgs
Public class WmaFileSink WmaFileSink for the recording into wma file.
Public class WmaFileSource Wma MediaSource class.


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AudioFormat Audio format options for Sink.
Public enumeration AudioSamplingRate Audio Sampling Rate.
Public enumeration ChannelLabel Enumerated type that identifies the type of the streams.
Public enumeration HoldType Defines what type of hold AudioVideoFlow should use.
Public enumeration MediaChannelDirection Enumerated type of audio video stream status.
Public enumeration MediaEncryption Enumerated type of encryption.
Public enumeration MediaSourceOpenMode OpenMode for MediaSource.
Public enumeration MuteDirection Enumerated type that defines mute direction.
Public enumeration PlaybackSpeed
Public enumeration PlayerMode Enum for mode of player.
Public enumeration PlayerState Internal player states.
Public enumeration PlayerStateTransitionReason Enum for state changed reason.
Public enumeration RecorderState Internal recorder state.
Public enumeration ToneId Tone Id based on RFC4733.
Public enumeration TonePolicy TonePolicy.
Public enumeration WmaEncodingFormat