Microsoft.Speech.Recognition Namespace

Contains types for implementing speech recognition.


Class Description
AudioLevelUpdatedEventArgs Returns data from the AudioLevelUpdated event.
AudioSignalProblemOccurredEventArgs Returns data from the AudioSignalProblemOccurred event.
AudioStateChangedEventArgs Returns data from the AudioStateChanged event.
Choices Represents a list of alternative items to make up an element in a grammar.
DtmfHypothesizedEventArgs Returns notification from the DtmfHypothesized event.
DtmfRecognitionEngine Provides access to DTMF recognition services.
DtmfRecognitionRejectedEventArgs Returns data from the DtmfRecognitionRejected event.
DtmfRecognizeCompletedEventArgs Returns information from the DtmfRecognizeCompleted event.
DtmfRecognizedEventArgs Returns data from the DtmfRecognized event.
EmulateRecognizeCompletedEventArgs Returns data from the EmulateRecognizeCompleted event.
Grammar Provides run time support for obtaining and managing Speech grammar information.
GrammarBuilder Provides an easy-to-use mechanism for constructing complex Grammar objects from simple inputs.
InvalidCultureException Thrown on an attempt to use a grammar with an unrecognized CultureInfo setting.
LoadGrammarCompletedEventArgs Returns data from the LoadGrammarCompleted event.
RecognitionEventArgs Represents the base class for event arguments objects for speech and DTMF recognition events.
RecognitionResult Represents the result of recognition engine on audio input as detailed information about the best candidate phrases matching phrase, and a list of all candidate matching phrases.
RecognizeCompletedEventArgs Returns data from the RecognizeCompleted event.
RecognizedAudio Represents audio input a recognition engine used to generate candidate phrases result.
RecognizedPhrase Represents detailed information about a candidate phrase found by a recognition engine as matching audio input.
RecognizedWordUnit Provides the atomic unit of recognized speech.
RecognizerInfo Represents information about a SpeechRecognitionEngine.
RecognizerUpdateReachedEventArgs Returns data from the RecognizerUpdateReached event.
ReplacementText Contains information about a speech normalization procedure that has been performed upon recognition results.
SemanticResultKey Attaches key string to SemanticResultValue values to define the SemanticValue objects created in Grammar using GrammarBuilder instances
SemanticResultValue Sets values to SemanticValue objects created in a Grammar using GrammarBuilder instances.
SemanticValue Represents the semantic organization of a recognized phrase.
SpeechDetectedEventArgs Returns data from the SpeechDetected event.
SpeechHypothesizedEventArgs Returns notification from the SpeechHypothesized event.
SpeechRecognitionEngine Provides access to speech recognition services.
SpeechRecognitionRejectedEventArgs Returns notification from the SpeechRecognitionRejected event.
SpeechRecognizedEventArgs Returns data from the SpeechRecognized event.
StateChangedEventArgs Returns data from the StateChanged event.


Enumeration Description
AudioSignalProblem Enumerates the types of audio signal problems.
AudioState Enumerates values of the recognizer's audio state.
DisplayAttributes Enumerates formats for the display of words in a recognized phrase.
DtmfTone Enumerates values of the first 16 DTMF tones.
Pronounceable Enumerates values for the Grammar.IsPronounceable method.
RecognizeMode Enumerates values of the recognition mode.
RecognizerState Enumerates values of the recognizer's state.
SubsetMatchingMode Enumerates values of subset matching mode.