RecognizedPhrase Members

Represents detailed information about a candidate phrase found by a recognition engine as matching audio input.

The following tables list the members exposed by the RecognizedPhrase type.

Public Properties

Name Description
Dd167806.pubproperty(en-us,office.13).gif Confidence Returns the measure of certainty for a RecognizedPhrase returned by a recognition engine.
Dd167806.pubproperty(en-us,office.13).gif Grammar Returns the Grammar used by a recognition engine to return the current RecognizedPhrase.
Dd167806.pubproperty(en-us,office.13).gif HomophoneGroupId Returns the identifier for the group from which the homophones available on an instance of RecognizedPhrase are derived.
Dd167806.pubproperty(en-us,office.13).gif Homophones Returns a collection of homophones for the current recognized phrase.
Dd167806.pubproperty(en-us,office.13).gif ReplacementWordUnits Returns information about the location and content of text originally recognized and then replaced by text normalization when a recognition engine creates the value of the Text property on an instance of RecognizedPhrase.
Dd167806.pubproperty(en-us,office.13).gif Semantics Returns the any of semantic logic of a Grammar that was used to return a RecognizedPhrase.
Dd167806.pubproperty(en-us,office.13).gif Text Returns the normalized text obtained by a recognition engine from audio input.
Dd167806.pubproperty(en-us,office.13).gif Words Returns text obtained from audio input from a recognition engine as a ReadOnlyCollection of RecognizedWordUnit instances.


Public Methods

(see also Protected Methods )

Name Description
Dd167806.pubmethod(en-us,office.13).gif ConstructSmlFromSemantics Constructs an object containing a valid Semantic Markup Language (SML) based description of the semantics of a Grammar used to obtain the current instance of RecognizedPhrase.
Dd167806.pubmethod(en-us,office.13).gif Equals Overloaded. (inherited from Object )
Dd167806.pubmethod(en-us,office.13).gif GetHashCode (inherited from Object )
Dd167806.pubmethod(en-us,office.13).gif GetType (inherited from Object )
Dd167806.pubmethod(en-us,office.13).gifDd167806.static(en-us,office.13).gif ReferenceEquals (inherited from Object )
Dd167806.pubmethod(en-us,office.13).gif ToString (inherited from Object )


Protected Methods

Name Description
Dd167806.protmethod(en-us,office.13).gif Finalize (inherited from Object )
Dd167806.protmethod(en-us,office.13).gif MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object )


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