LocalEndpointSettings Properties

The LocalEndpointSettings type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public property EndpointSubtype
Public property EndpointType
Public property EndpointUserAgent Gets or sets the endpoint user agent string.
Public property IsOutsideCorporateNetwork
Public property OwnerUri Gets the URI of the owner of this endpoint.
Public property PresenceBasedScreeningDisabled
Public property ProvisioningDataDisabled Gets or sets whether to query for the provisioning data when endpoint is established.
Public property PublishingQoeMetricsDisabled Gets or sets the flag that controls whether the endpoint will try to publish quality metrics for the audio calls or not.
Public property RegisterMethods Gets or sets the methods supported by a registered endpoint.
Public property SupportedMimePartContentTypes Represents the list of content types that can be supported by the endpoint.


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