CollaborationPlatform Members

Represents the collaboration platform instance that is necessary for using the collaboration API.

The CollaborationPlatform type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public method CollaborationPlatform(ClientPlatformSettings) Creates an instance of CollaborationPlatform with client settings.
Public method CollaborationPlatform(ServerPlatformSettings) Creates an instance of CollaborationPlatform with server settings.



Name Description
Public property ActiveGruu Gets the GRUU of the application.
Public property ActiveListeningIPEndpoint Gets the active listening endpoint in use.
Public property AllowedAuthenticationProtocol Gets or sets the authentication protocol to be used for client endpoints.
Public property ApplicationUserAgent Gets the application user agent string.
Public propertyStatic member AudioVideoSettings Gets audio and video settings.
Public property ConnectionManager Gets the connection manager used by the platform.
Public property CurrentMessageThrottlingCount
Public property DefaultAudioVideoProviderEnabled Gets if audio and video platform capabilities are enabled.
Public property InstantMessagingSettings Provides access to global configuration settings for InstantMessagingFlow.
Public property ListeningIPAddress Gets the IP address on which to listen.
Public property Localhost
Public property Transport Gets the transport type to use.



Name Description
Public method AddTrustedDomain
Public method BeginChangeCertificate(X509Certificate, AsyncCallback, Object)
Public method BeginChangeCertificate(String, array<Byte>[]()[][], AsyncCallback, Object) Changes the certificate to be used dynamically.
Public method BeginShutdown
Public method BeginStartup
Public method EndChangeCertificate Finishes the operation started by BeginChangeCertificate.
Public method EndShutdown Gets the results from the shutdown operation.
Public method EndStartup
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Public method GetTrustedDomains
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Public method RegisterPlatformExtension
Public method RemoveTrustedDomain
Public method ToString (Inherited from Object.)
Public method UnregisterPlatformExtension Unregister the extension.



Name Description
Public event ConnectionAuthorizationRequested


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