BeginSendMessage Method (ContentType, Byte[], AsyncCallback, Object)

Send a message in the conversation.

Namespace: Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration
Assembly: Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration (in Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.dll)


Public Function BeginSendMessage ( _
    contentType As ContentType, _
    body As Byte(), _
    userCallback As AsyncCallback, _
    state As Object _
) As IAsyncResult
Dim instance As InstantMessagingFlow
Dim contentType As ContentType
Dim body As Byte()
Dim userCallback As AsyncCallback
Dim state As Object
Dim returnValue As IAsyncResult

returnValue = instance.BeginSendMessage(contentType, _
    body, userCallback, state)
public IAsyncResult BeginSendMessage(
    ContentType contentType,
    byte[] body,
    AsyncCallback userCallback,
    Object state


Return Value

Type: System..::..IAsyncResult


It is delivered to all remote participants currently capable of receiving instant messages.

[Value Needed].


[cref][T:System.ArgumentNullException]: ArgumentNullException is thrown when null is passed for a required parameter. The parameter name that is required is included in the exception message.

[cref][T:System.InvalidOperationException]: The provider is in the wrong state to send a message.

[cref][T:Microsoft.Rtc.Signaling.ServerPolicyException]: A server policy setting does not allow the sending of the message.

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