Register Method (, , , InstanceDependencyPropertyOption)

Creates a new instance.

Namespace: Microsoft.Rtc.Workflow.Activities
Assembly: Microsoft.Rtc.Workflow (in Microsoft.Rtc.Workflow.dll)


Public Shared Function Register ( _
    name As String, _
    propertyType As Type, _
    ownerType As Type, _
    options As InstanceDependencyPropertyOption _
) As InstanceDependencyProperty
public static InstanceDependencyProperty Register(
    string name,
    Type propertyType,
    Type ownerType,
    InstanceDependencyPropertyOption options
static InstanceDependencyProperty^ Register(
    String^ name, 
    Type^ propertyType, 
    Type^ ownerType, 
    InstanceDependencyPropertyOption options
Microsoft.Rtc.Workflow.Activities.InstanceDependencyProperty.register = function(name, propertyType, ownerType, options);


  • name
    Type: String
    The name of the property.
  • propertyType
    Type: Type
    The type of the values stored.
  • ownerType
    Type: Type
    The type that has the property.


Exception Condition
ArgumentNullException Thrown if name is null.
ArgumentException Thrown if propertyType is null.
ArgumentException Thrown if ownerType is null.
ArgumentException Thrown if ownerType is not assignable to IInstanceDependencyContainer.
ArgumentException Dynamic event or property is not supported.
ArgumentException DefaultValue cannot be cloned.
ArgumentException DefaultValue is a value type but null.

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