Object Model of Unified Communications Client API

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Unified Communications Client API objects can be logically grouped into the following feature-based categories:

  • Platform Object. The entry point to all other Unified Communications Client API functionalities.
  • Endpoint Object. The object representation of a user in real-time communications and collaborations.
  • Session Objects. Encapsulation of signaling and collaboration sessions, including instant messaging (IM), voice, video, application-sharing, and conference.
  • Conference Creation Objects. Conference creation object encapsulate the functionality you need to create collaboration sessions involving more than two people.
  • Publication and Subscription Objects. Encapsulation of the general framework for publishing and subscribing to data or information.
  • Device Management Objects. Encapsulation of the management functionalities for local devices to render media.
  • Media Connectivity Objects. Encapsulation of the management functionality for enabling media transmission across firewalls.

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