Remove a Contact from the Contact List

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To remove a contact from a contact list, a Unified Communications Client API application publishes an already published contact category instance, with the PublicationOperation property setting to UCC_PUBLICATION_OPERATION_TYPE.UCCPOT_REMOVE. Previously published contacts are provisioned on a client with a self-subscription to the contacts category. Each category instance received in the contacts context can be removed using the functionality illustrated by the following example.

The programming pattern involves the following steps:

  1. Using the contact object passed as an IUccCategoryInstance, create a publishable category instance from the passed contact object.
  2. Set the PublicationOperation property value to UCC_PUBLICATION_OPERATION_TYPE.UCCPOT_REMOVE.
  3. Publish the newly configured contacts category instance.

The following C# code snippet publishes a request to remove a contact from a user's published contact list.

partial class ContactManager
    /// <summary>
    /// Removes a contact from the contact list by republishing it 
    /// while setting the PublicationOperation to 
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="cat">a contact category instance to be removed</param>
    public void removeContact(IUccCategoryInstance contact)
            IUccCategoryInstance cat = contact.CreatePublishableCategoryInstance();
            cat.PublicationOperation = UCC_PUBLICATION_OPERATION_TYPE.UCCPOT_REMOVE;
            IUccPublication pub = publicationManager.CreatePublication();
            UCC_Advise<_IUccPublicationEvent>(pub, this);
        catch (Exception ex)

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