Management of Tuning Data

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In Speech Server, the tuning database contains data that is used for analyzing and tuning speech applications.

Information contained in Speech Server tuning databases is intended for use in analyzing and improving the functionality of Speech Server applications. If the data is used for other purposes, such as transaction auditing or conflict resolution, the following considerations should be kept in mind:

  • The Speech Server logging framework is unable to log under circumstances, such as low disk space and memory allocation problems. In these cases, data is not present in the log files.
  • Not all data from every event type is imported by the command-line tool MssLogToDatabase.exe; only the event level and audio data required for reporting and analysis is imported. For more information, see Import Log Files into the Tuning Database.
  • Audio playback of prompt data in the database might not exactly mirror the user experience of prompts as played by Speech Server: the prompt audio as logged does not contain any dynamic rate or volume changes nor does it include pause and resume commands. Events reflecting such occurrences, however, can be found in the database. Further, the logged audio is as generated by Speech Server and does not apply any channel effects from the VoIP (Voice over IP) or other systems in place between Speech Server and the caller.

In Speech Server, five command-line tools are included for use in managing the tuning database. For more information about the data processing utilities, see the following topics.

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