Build the Analysis Services Cube

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The Business Intelligence Tools (BIT) in Speech Server are samples that illustrate how to build a data warehouse of large volumes of Speech Server data and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes for reporting on the data.

Building the Analysis Services Cube

The Analysis Services Cube is built using the MssCubeDatabase.exe utility found in the installation location for the Business Intelligence Tools. Running MssCubeDatabase.exe updates the target database cubes with new data found in the source data warehouse.

Run MssCubeDatabase.exe on the same computer running the target database. If the target and source computers are different and MssCubeDatabase.exe is run on the computer holding the source database, Read permissions should be granted to the impersonated account that the online analytical processing (OLAP) database uses to access the relevant file system on the target database.

At the command prompt, run MssCubeDatabase.exe with the following parameters.

Name Description

/sourceServer:<server name>:

Name of the SQL??Server (defaults to local)

/sourceDatabase:<database name>

Name of the SQL??Server database

/targetServer:<server name>

Name of the Analysis Services server (defaults to local)

/targetDatabase:<database name>

Name of the Analysis Services Cube database


Suppress the copyright message


Display the usage message (Short form: /h or /?)


MssCubeDatabase.exe should not be run while a Package B migration is in progress. MssCubeDatabase.exe should be scheduled after all Package B migrations are complete. If MssCubeDatabase.exe is run during a Package B migration, incomplete information can appear in the resulting cube.

The source code for MssCubeDatabase.exe is supplied for customizing the logic behind cube creation.

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