Category Instance for Subscribers

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Unified Communications Client API exposes a strongly typed category instance interface and events to encapsulate subscriber-related category instances that are defined and used by Office Communicator and custom clients that interoperate with Office Communicator, without requiring detailed knowledge of the proprietary category schemas. The Unified Communications Client API application uses the IUccSubscriber interface as the subscriber model in the application.

Communicator-Defined Subscriber Category Instance

A subscriber is a remote user who requested a subscription to presence categories published by a local user. A local user should receive a notification from the local client when a remote user subscribes to local user presence. The acknowledged property should be used by the local application to indicate that the notification occurred. The properties of the subscriber instance indicate the status of an acknowledgement, the network source of the subscriber, and the subscriber's URI.

Communicator-Defined Category Name Unified Communications Client API Interface



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