Mapping PR_CONTAINER_CLASS to DAV:contentclass

Mapping PR_CONTAINER_CLASS to DAV:contentclass

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When the item is a folder, the value of its PR_CONTAINER_CLASS is examined for a match in the following table, traversing the first column from top to bottom. The first match found is returned as the value for the item's DAV:contentclass property. The asterisk (*) wildcard character denotes any set of characters.

IPF urn:content-classes:folder
IPF.Appointment urn:content-classes:calendarfolder
IPF.Contact urn:content-classes:contactfolder
IPF.Journal urn:content-classes:journalfolder
IPF.Note urn:content-classes:mailfolder
IPF.StickyNote urn:content-classes:notefolder
IPF.Task urn:content-classes:taskfolder
IPF.* (Folder under Inbox) urn:content-classes:mailfolder
IPF.* (All others) urn:content-classes:folder

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