Exchange_PublicFolder Class

Exchange_PublicFolder Class

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The Exchange_PublicFolder WMI class provides properties and methods for working with Microsoft® Exchange public folders.




The ExchangePublicFolderProvider supplies instances of the Exchange_PublicFolder class.


The Exchange_PublicFolder class extends the CIM_LogicalElement class.




Property Description
Url Property
[key, read] string Url;

The Url property indicates the folder URL, constructed using the folder globally unique identifier (GUID).

AddressBookName Property
 write] string AddressBookName;

The AddressBookName property specifies the address book name of the folder.

AdministrativeNote Property
 write] string AdministrativeNote;

The AdministrativeNote property specifies the administrative note associated with the folder.

AdminSecurityDescriptor Property
 write] uint8 AdminSecurityDescriptor

The AdminSecurityDescriptor property specifies the security descriptor that is used when a user logs on to the store with administrative privileges.

ADProxyPath Property
[read] string ADProxyPath;

The ADProxyPath property indicates the GUID of the Microsoft Active Directory® mail proxy for the folder.

AssociatedMessageCount Property
[read] uint32 AssociatedMessageCount;

The AssociatedMessageCount property is a MAPI property that contains the total number of associated messages in the public folder.

AttachmentCount Property
[read] uint32 AttachmentCount;

The AttachmentCount property indicates the total number of attachments on all normal messages in a folder.

CategorizationCount Property
[read] uint32 CategorizationCount;

The CategorizationCount property indicates the total number of categorizations on the public folder.

Comment Property
[read, write] string Comment;

The Comment property specifies the folder comment.

ContactCount Property
[read] uint32 ContactCount;

The ContactCount property indicates the number of contacts in a public folder.

ContainsRules Property
[read] boolean ContainsRules;

The ContainsRules property indicates whether the public folder contains rules.

CreationTime Property
[read] datetime CreationTime;

The CreationTime property indicates when the folder was created.

DeletedItemLifetime Property
 units("days")] uint32 DeletedItemLifetime;

The DeletedItemLifetime property specifies how long, in days, that deleted messages can be recovered.

FolderTree Property
[read] string FolderTree;

The FolderTree property indicates the WMI path to the top-level hierarchy object to which the folder belongs.

FriendlyUrl Property
[read] string FriendlyUrl;

The FriendlyUrl property indicates the path-based URL to the folder.

HasChildren Property
[read] boolean HasChildren;

The HasChildren property indicates whether the folder has subfolders.

HasLocalReplica Property
[read] boolean HasLocalReplica;

The HasLocalReplica property indicates whether the folder has a local replica.

IsMailEnabled Property
 write] boolean IsMailEnabled;

The IsMailEnabled property specifies whether the folder is mail-enabled.

IsNormalFolder Property
[read] boolean IsNormalFolder;

The IsNormalFolder property indicates whether the public folder is a normal folder.

IsPerUserReadDisabled Property
 write] boolean IsPerUserReadDisabled;

The IsPerUserReadDisabled property specifies whether the folder tracks per-user read information for messages.

IsSearchFolder Property
[read] boolean IsSearchFolder;

The IsSearchFolder property indicates whether the public folder is a search folder.

IsSecureInSite Property
 write] boolean IsSecureInSite;

The IsSecureInSite property specifies whether administrative access is limited to the home site of the folder.

LastAccessTime Property
[read] datetime LastAccessTime;

The LastAccessTime property indicates the last date that the replica of a public folder was accessed.

LastModificationTime Property
[read] datetime LastModificationTime;

The LastModificationTime property indicates when the folder was last modified.

MaximumItemSize Property
 units("KB")] uint32 MaximumItemSize;

The MaximumItemSize property specifies the maximum size, in kilobytes (KB), that is allowed for an individual post to the folder.

MessageCount Property
[read] uint32 MessageCount;

The MessageCount property indicates the number of messages in a public folder.

MessageWithAttachmentsCount Property
[read] uint32 MessageWithAttachmentsCount;

The MessageWithAttachmentsCount property indicates the total number of normal messages with attachments in the public folder.

Name Property
 required] string Name = NULL;

The Name property indicates the name of the folder.

NormalMessageSize Property
 units("bytes")] uint32 NormalMessageSize;

The NormalMessageSize property indicates the total size, in bytes, of all of the normal messages in the public folder.

OwnerCount Property
[read] uint32 OwnerCount;

The OwnerCount property indicates the number of owners of the public folder.

ParentFriendlyUrl Property
 required] string ParentFriendlyUrl;

The ParentFriendlyUrl property indicates the folder path-based URL to the parent of the folder.

Path Property
[read] string Path;

The Path property indicates the folder path minus the URL http://server/vroot header portion.

ProhibitPostLimit Property
 units("KB")] uint32 ProhibitPostLimit;

The ProhibitPostLimit property specifies the folder size limit, in KB, when posting is prevented.

PublishInAddressBook Property
 write] boolean PublishInAddressBook;

The PublishInAddressBook property specifies whether the folder will show up in the global address list if it is mail-enabled.

RecipientCountOnAssociatedMessages Property
[read] uint32 RecipientCountOnAssociatedMessages;

The RecipientCountOnAssociatedMessages property indicates the total number of recipients on the associated messages in the public folder.

RecipientCountOnNormalMessages Property
[read] uint32 RecipientCountOnNormalMessages;

The RecipientCountOnNormalMessages property indicates the total number of recipients on the normal messages in the public folder.

ReplicaAgeLimit Property
 units("days")] uint32 ReplicaAgeLimit;

The ReplicaAgeLimit property specifies the age limit for messages across all replicas.

ReplicaList Property
[read] string ReplicaList[];

The ReplicaList property indicates the list of distinguished names of the MDBs to which the folder is replicated.

ReplicationMessagePriority Property
 Values{"Not Urgent", "Normal",
 ValueMap{"0", "1", "2"}] uint32 ReplicationMessagePriority;

The ReplicationMessagePriority property specifies the priority level for replicating folder messages.

ReplicationSchedule Property
 write] Exchange_ScheduleInterval ReplicationSchedule

The array elements of the ReplicationSchedule property specify the replication schedule of the folder. Each element of the array is an instance of the Exchange_ScheduleInterval Class.

ReplicationStyle Property
 Values{"Custom", "Never", "Always",
   "Every hour", "Every two hours",
   "Every four hours", "Use public store schedule"},
 ValueMap{"0", "1", "2", "3",
   "4", "5", "6"}] uint32 ReplicationStyle;

The ReplicationStyle property specifies how often the folder contents are replicated.

RestrictionCount Property
[read] uint32 RestrictionCount;

The RestrictionCount property indicates the total number of restrictions on the public folder.

SecurityDescriptor Property
 write] uint8 SecurityDescriptor

The SecurityDescriptor property specifies the administrative security descriptor for the folder.

StorageLimitStyle Property
 Values{"Use public store style",
   "Use Specified Quota", "No Quota"},
 ValueMap{"0", "1", "2"}] uint32 StorageLimitStyle;

The StorageLimitStyle property specifies whether the folder should use public store storage limits, have no quota, or use quota values set on the folder.

TargetAddress Property
[read] string TargetAddress;

The TargetAddress property is a MAPI property that contains the e-mail address of the public folder.

TotalMessageSize Property
 units("bytes")] uint32 TotalMessageSize;

The TotalMessageSize property indicates the total size, in bytes, of all of the normal messages in the public folder. The TotalMessageSize property is an 8-byte version of the NormalMessageSize property.

UsePublicStoreAgeLimits Property
 write] boolean UsePublicStoreAgeLimits;

The UsePublicStoreAgeLimits property specifies whether the folder should use the age limits of the message database (MDB) in which it is stored.

UsePublicStoreDeletedItemLifetime Property
 write] boolean UsePublicStoreDeletedItemLifetime;

The UsePublicStoreDeletedItemLifetime property specifies whether the folder should use the deleted item lifetime of the local public MDB.

WarningLimit Property
 units("KB")] uint32 WarningLimit;

The WarningLimit property specifies the folder size limit, in KB, when warning messages are sent.


Method Description
AddReplica Method
[implemented] void AddReplica(
  [IN] string Path);

The AddReplica method adds the MDB (Path=DN) to the replica list for the folder.

Copy Method
[implemented] void Copy(
  [IN] string FriendlyUrl);

The Copy method copies the folder to another location in the hierarchy.

Move Method
[implemented] void Move(
  [IN] string FriendlyUrl);

The Move method moves the folder within the hierarchy.

PropagateSettings Method
[implemented] void PropagateSettings(
   Bitmap{"0", "1", "2", "3",
     "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9",
     "10", "11"},
     "AgeLimits", "DeletedItemLifetime",
     "FolderRights", "IsPerUserReadDisabled",
     "IsMailEnabled", "ReplicaList",
     "ReplicationSchedule", "PublishInAddressBook",
     "StorageLimits"}] uint32 Settings, 
   OPTIONAL] boolean StopOnError = TRUE);

The PropagateSettings method propagates the folder settings to all of its children.

RemoveReplica Method
[implemented] void RemoveReplica(
  [IN] string Path);

The RemoveReplica method removes the MDB (in Path=DN format) from the replica list for the folder.

Rename Method
[implemented] void Rename(
  [IN] string Name);

The Rename method renames the folder.

SendChanges Method
[implemented] void SendChanges(
  [IN] uint32 Days, 
  [IN] string Paths[]);

The SendChanges method sends all folder modifications to the folder replicas specified in the Paths parameter.

Synchronize Method
[implemented] void Synchronize();

The Synchronize method forces the folder to request any outstanding change notifications it may have.


This class has no associations.

VBScript Example

The following example shows how to retrieve a list of Exchange_PublicFolder instances, and how to retrieve all the associated properties.

' Purpose:   Display each Exchange_PublicFolder found for Exchange server,
'            and show all properties on the Exchange_PublicFolder
'            objects
' Change:    cComputerName [string] the computer to access
' Output:    Displays the name of each Exchange_PublicFolder and properties

On Error Resume Next
Dim cComputerName
Const cWMINameSpace = "root/MicrosoftExchangeV2"
Const cWMIInstance = "Exchange_PublicFolder"
cComputerName = "MyComputerNETBIOSName"

Dim strWinMgmts		' Connection string for WMI
Dim objWMIExchange	' Exchange Namespace WMI object
Dim listExchange_PublicFolders	' ExchangeLogons collection
Dim objExchange_PublicFolder		' A single ExchangeLogon WMI object

' Create the object string, indicating WMI (winmgmts), using the
' current user credentials (impersonationLevel=impersonate),
' on the computer specified in the constant cComputerName, and
' using the CIM namespace for the ExchangeClusterResource provider.
strWinMgmts = "winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!//"& _
Set objWMIExchange =  GetObject(strWinMgmts)
' Verify we were able to correctly set the object.
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
  WScript.Echo "ERROR: Unable to connect to the WMI namespace."
  ' The Resources that currently exist appear as a list of
  ' ExchangeLogon instances in the Exchange namespace.
  Set listExchange_PublicFolders = objWMIExchange.InstancesOf(cWMIInstance)
  ' Were any Exchange_PublicFolder Instances returned?
  If (listExchange_PublicFolders.count > 0) Then
    ' If yes, do the following:
    ' Iterate through the list of Exchange_PublicFolder objects.
    For Each objExchange_PublicFolder in listExchange_PublicFolders
       ' Display the value of the AddressBookName property.
       WScript.echo "AddressBookName          = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.AddressBookName)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the AdministrativeNote property.
       WScript.echo "AdministrativeNote       = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.AdministrativeNote)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the AdminSecurityDescriptor property.
       WScript.echo "AdminSecurityDescriptor  = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.AdminSecurityDescriptor)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the ADProxyPath property.
       WScript.echo "ADProxyPath              = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.ADProxyPath)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the AssociatedMessageCount property.
       WScript.echo "AssociatedMessageCount   = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.AssociatedMessageCount)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the AttachmentCount property.
       WScript.echo "AttachmentCount          = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.AttachmentCount)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the CategorizationCount property.
       WScript.echo "CategorizationCount      = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.CategorizationCount)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the Comment property.
       WScript.echo "Comment                  = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.Comment)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the ContactCount property.
       WScript.echo "ContactCount             = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.ContactCount)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the ContainsRules property.
       WScript.echo "ContainsRules            = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.ContainsRules)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the CreationTime property.
       WScript.echo "CreationTime             = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.CreationTime)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the DeletedItemLifetime property.
       WScript.echo "DeletedItemLifetime      = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.DeletedItemLifetime)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the FolderTree property.
       WScript.echo "FolderTree               = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.FolderTree)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the FriendlyUrl property.
       WScript.echo "FriendlyUrl              = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.FriendlyUrl)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the HasChildren property.
       WScript.echo "HasChildren              = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.HasChildren)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the HasLocalReplica property.
       WScript.echo "HasLocalReplica          = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.HasLocalReplica)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the IsMailEnabled property.
       WScript.echo "IsMailEnabled            = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.IsMailEnabled)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the IsNormalFolder property.
       WScript.echo "IsNormalFolder           = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.IsNormalFolder)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the IsPerUserReadDisabled property.
       WScript.echo "IsPerUserReadDisabled    = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.IsPerUserReadDisabled)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the IsSearchFolder property.
       WScript.echo "IsSearchFolder           = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.IsSearchFolder)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the IsSecureInSite property.
       WScript.echo "IsSecureInSite           = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.IsSecureInSite)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the LastAccessTime property.
       WScript.echo "LastAccessTime           = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.LastAccessTime)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the LastModificationTime property.
       WScript.echo "LastModificationTime     = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.LastModificationTime)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the MaximumItemSize property.
       WScript.echo "MaximumItemSize          = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.MaximumItemSize)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the MessageCount property.
       WScript.echo "MessageCount             = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.MessageCount)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the MessageWithAttachmentsCount property.
       WScript.echo "MessageWithAttachmentsCount= "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.MessageWithAttachmentsCount)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the Name property.
       WScript.echo "Name                     = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.Name)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the NormalMessageSize property.
       WScript.echo "NormalMessageSize        = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.NormalMessageSize)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the OwnerCount property.
       WScript.echo "OwnerCount               = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.OwnerCount)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the ParentFriendlyUrl property.
       WScript.echo "ParentFriendlyUrl        = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.ParentFriendlyUrl)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the Path property.
       WScript.echo "Path                     = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.Path)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the ProhibitPostLimit property.
       WScript.echo "ProhibitPostLimit        = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.ProhibitPostLimit)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the PublishInAddressBook property.
       WScript.echo "PublishInAddressBook     = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.PublishInAddressBook)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the RecipientCountOnAssociatedMessages property.
       WScript.echo "RecipientCountOnAssociatedMessages= "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.RecipientCountOnAssociatedMessages)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the RecipientCountOnNormalMessages property.
       WScript.echo "RecipientCountOnNormalMessages= "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.RecipientCountOnNormalMessages)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the ReplicaAgeLimit property.
       WScript.echo "ReplicaAgeLimit          = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.ReplicaAgeLimit)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the ReplicaList property.
       WScript.echo "ReplicaList              = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.ReplicaList)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the ReplicationMessagePriority property.
       WScript.echo "ReplicationMessagePriority= "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.ReplicationMessagePriority)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the ReplicationSchedule property.
       WScript.echo "ReplicationSchedule      = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.ReplicationSchedule)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the ReplicationStyle property.
       WScript.echo "ReplicationStyle         = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.ReplicationStyle)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the RestrictionCount property.
       WScript.echo "RestrictionCount         = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.RestrictionCount)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the SecurityDescriptor property.
       WScript.echo "SecurityDescriptor       = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.SecurityDescriptor)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the StorageLimitStyle property.
       WScript.echo "StorageLimitStyle        = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.StorageLimitStyle)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the TargetAddress property.
       WScript.echo "TargetAddress            = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.TargetAddress)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the TotalMessageSize property.
       WScript.echo "TotalMessageSize         = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.TotalMessageSize)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the Url property.
       WScript.echo "Url                      = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.Url)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the UsePublicStoreAgeLimits property.
       WScript.echo "UsePublicStoreAgeLimits  = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.UsePublicStoreAgeLimits)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the UsePublicStoreDeletedItemLifetime property.
       WScript.echo "UsePublicStoreDeletedItemLifetime= "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.UsePublicStoreDeletedItemLifetime)&"] "& _
       ' Display the value of the WarningLimit property.
       WScript.echo "WarningLimit             = "& _
        " ["&TypeName(objExchange_PublicFolder.WarningLimit)&"] "& _
    ' If no Exchange_PublicFolder instances were returned,
    ' display that.
    WScript.Echo "WARNING: No Exchange_PublicFolder instances were returned."
  End If
End If

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