Exchange_ScheduleInterval Class

Exchange_ScheduleInterval Class

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The Exchange_ScheduleInterval WMI class provides information about the start and stop time of the public folder replication schedule. Instances of the Exchange_ScheduleInterval class are returned as members of an array from the ReplicationSchedule Property.




The CIM_LogicalElement provider supplies instances of the Exchange_ScheduleInterval class.


The Exchange_ScheduleInterval class extends the CIM_LogicalElement class.



This class has no qualifiers.


Property Description
StartTime Property
[] datetime StartTime;

The StartTime property indicates the start time, formatted as 0000dd-hhmm00:000000.

StopTime Property
[] datetime StopTime;

The StopTime property indicates the stop time, formatted as 0000dd-hhmm00:000000.


This class has no methods.


This class has no associations.

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