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The namespace defines the majority of fields used to set configurations for various Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) objects. These configuration fields are set using an implementation of the IConfiguration.Fields collection.

Many CDO objects use information stored in an associated Configuration object to define configuration settings. One example is the Message object, where you use its associated Configuration object to set fields such as sendusing. This field defines whether to send the message using the local SMTP service drop directory (if the local computer has the SMTP service installed), using an SMTP service directly over the network, or using Exchange. If sending over the network, you set smtpservername to specify the Internet Protocol (IP) address or name of the computer hosting the SMTP service, and optionally, smtpserverport to specify a port value. If credentials are required for connecting to an SMTP service, you can specify them by setting sendusername and sendpassword.

A similar set of fields exists for posting messages either using a local Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) service pickup directory or over the network.

All of the names listed in the topics in this section are also defined as string constants in the type library and .idl file for convenience.

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