CDO Components

CDO Components

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Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) is a set of components with which you can build rich collaborative applications on the Exchange store platform. The following table lists the Component Object Model (COM) components that are provided with CDO, along with a brief description of each.

Component Description
CDO for Exchange 2000 Server (CDOEX) Provides fundamental collaboration tools for managing messages, appointments, calendar messages, and contacts.
CDO for Workflow (CDOWF) Provides tools for writing and managing workflows by using the Exchange store.
CDO for Exchange Management (CDOEXM) Provides tools for managing Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 and public stores and mailbox stores.

CDOEX and CDOWF for Exchange Server 2003 are installed on the same computer as Exchange Server 2003. These components cannot be installed remotely or used directly through Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM). You can use these components in ASP, COM+ server-side components, Exchange store event sinks, advanced workflow applications, and Microsoft Windows® services that run on Exchange Server 2003.

You can install the CDOEXM component on separate computers and use it to manage your Exchange Server 2003 servers remotely. For example, you can use CDOEXM in Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins and extensions; you can also create scripts by using the Windows Script Host and run them on remote computers. However, you can also use the CDOEXM component on the server running Exchange Server 2003.

Note   The CDOEXM version that ships with Exchange Server 2003 must be used when accessing Exchange Server 2003. The Exchange Server 2003 CDOEXM can also be used to access Exchange 2000 Server. The CDOEXM library that ships with Exchange 2000 Server is not supported for accessing Exchange Server 2003.

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