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The following table lists the Microsoft® Windows® Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes available in Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. For information about the differences between WMI classes that ship with Exchange 2000 Server and Exchange Server 2003, read the topic WMI Changes for Exchange Server 2003.

WMI class
ExchangeClusterResource Class
ExchangeConnectorState Class
ExchangeLink Class
ExchangeQueue Class
ExchangeServerState Class
Exchange_DSAccessDC Class
Exchange_FolderTree Class
Exchange_Link Class
Exchange_Logon Class
Exchange_Mailbox Class
Exchange_MessageTrackingEntry Class
Exchange_PublicFolder Class
Exchange_Queue Class
Exchange_QueueCacheReloadEvent Class
Exchange_QueuedMessage Class
Exchange_QueuedSMTPMessage Class
Exchange_QueuedX400Message Class
Exchange_QueueSMTPVirtualServer Class
Exchange_QueueVirtualServer Class
Exchange_QueueX400VirtualServer Class
Exchange_ScheduleInterval Class
Exchange_Server Class
Exchange_SMTPLink Class
Exchange_SMTPQueue Class
Exchange_X400Link Class
Exchange_X400Queue Class

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