Exchange Server 2007 SDK

Topic Last Modified: 2009-07-15

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 provides a rich environment for messaging and collaborative application development. By closely integrating with Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating system core services such as Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and the Active Directory directory service, and Internet Information Services (IIS), Exchange 2007 simplifies application development, deployment, and management, and helps guarantee a faster return on the development investment. For more information about Exchange 2007, see the Microsoft Exchange Server TechCenter. Also be sure to visit the Exchange Server Developer Center on MSDN.

The Exchange 2007 SDK includes the following sections:

  • What's New   Summarizes the changes that have been added to this release of the Exchange Server 2007 SDK.
  • Introduction   Introduces the development technologies for Exchange 2007 and provides selection criteria for the various technologies.
  • Architecture   Provides information about the Windows Server platform technologies that Exchange 2007 integrates with and uses, and describes the programming technologies that are available for use in Exchange 2007 applications.
  • Development Environment   Describes how to configure your environment for developing Exchange 2007 applications, and the tools and other developer resources that are supplemental to the Exchange Server 2007 SDK.
  • Programming Tasks   Uses sample code to explain the programming tasks that are used to build custom applications for Exchange 2007.
  • Development Solutions   Provides sample applications that demonstrate how to develop collaborative Web applications for Exchange 2007.
  • Reference   Contains information about object models and APIs to use when you build applications for Exchange 2007.

Technologies Not Shipping in Exchange 2007

Several development technologies that shipped with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 are not included in Exchange 2007. Applications written using these obsolete technologies cannot be used against Exchange 2007. The following technologies were removed:

  • Exchange providers for Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
  • Collaboration Data Objects for Exchange Management (CDOEXM)
  • Collaboration Data Objects for Exchange Workflow (CDOWF)
  • Exchange Web Forms
  • At Functions

Although we've tried to remove all references and code examples that use these technologies, some references to them may still exist in this version of the SDK. If you come across any references or samples that refer to these technologies, remember that these technologies are not supported against Exchange 2007.