Using Visual Studio .NET with Exchange 2007

Topic Last Modified: 2007-06-18

You can use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET to develop the following types of Exchange 2007 applications:

  • Exchange transport agents
  • Exchange Web Services clients
  • Exchange management applications

Exchange Transport Agents

You can use Visual Studio to develop transport agents. To create a new transport agent, create a new class library project in Visual Studio. You can write transport agents by using either Microsoft Visual Basic .NET or C#. For more information about how to write a transport agent by using Visual Studio, see Transport Agents.

Exchange Web Services

You can use Visual Studio to develop Exchange Web Services client applications. Visual Studio and the Microsoft .NET Framework provide a set of tools that you can use to create Web services client applications. Visual Studio provides a tool named wsdl.exe that is used to create proxy classes in C# or Visual Basic. The proxy classes provide an abstraction that is used to serialize/deserialize the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) messages to and from objects. The .NET Framework provides classes that are used to create and read SOAP messages. These classes provide access to the XML DOM and XML readers/writers. For more information about how to use these classes, see Exchange Web Services Client Development.