Setting Up the Notification Sample Application

Topic Last Modified: 2007-04-16

The Notification Sample Application source code is installed by default in the directory in which the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Software Development Kit (SDK) is installed, in the \Samples\Notification\ folder. Before using the Notification Sample Application, you must first build the NotificationSample.exe file on a computer that is running Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. The NotificationSampleWebDav.dll file, which contains the WebDAV protocol methods in the WebDavAccessor.cs file, will also be built along with NotificationSample.exe.

Building the Notification Sample Application

To build the Notification Sample Application

  1. Navigate to the \Samples\Autodiscover\ folder in directory in which the Exchange Server 2007 SDK is installed, and double-click the NotificationSample.sln file icon.

    This will open the NotificationSample Microsoft Visual Basic .NET solution.

  2. In the Build menu, click Build Solution to build the NotificationSample.exe file in the \Samples\Notification\NotificationSample\bin\ directory.

    This will also build the NotificationSampleWebDav.dll file in the Samples\Notification\NotificationSampleWebDAV\obj\Release\ directory.

Running the Notification Sample Application

To run the Notification Sample Application

  • Navigate to the \Samples\Notification\NotificationSample\bin\ directory and double-click the NotificationSample.exe file icon.