Customizing Lync 2010 Controls

Learn how to restyle or retemplate a Microsoft Lync 2010 Control to change the appearance of the control.

Use either restyling or retemplating to change the appearance of a Lync 2010 Control.

  • Restyle a control by changing property values to control the appearance of the control.

  • Retemplate a control by assigning a new visual template to the control to take fine-grained control over its layout and design.


In Microsoft Expression Blend, the following exception appears if the Edit Additional Template command is used with a Lync 2010 Control:

  • XamlParseException: Add value to collection of type "System.Object" threw an exception.

This exception occurs because the command sets the template more than once. The workaround is to close and then reopen the document in Expression Blend.

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