Using the Microsoft Office Document Imaging 2003 Viewer Control

The Microsoft® Office Document Imaging Library 2003 (MODI) object model makes it possible to develop custom applications for managing document images (such as scanned and faxed documents) and the recognizable text that they contain. The MODI components include the MODI Viewer Control, an ActiveX® control that you can use to display MODI documents.

Important  The MODI programmability features described in this document are available only in Microsoft Office Document Imaging 2003. The Microsoft Office XP version of document imaging does not include a programmable object model.

Using the MODI Viewer Control in a Development Project

To make the viewer control available in the Toolbox, select Microsoft Office Document Imaging 11.0 Type Library in the Components dialog box in your development environment. This selection also sets a reference in your project to the Microsoft Office Document Imaging 11.0 Type Library and makes the entire MODI object model available for automation. The viewer control corresponds to the MiDocView object in the MODI object model.

See Using the Microsoft Office Document Imaging 2003 Object Model for additional information.

Overview of the MODI Viewer Control

You can use the viewer control to display and scroll through MODI documents. You can manipulate the scaling of the document in the window, scroll the image programmatically, retrieve the user's selection as text or as an image, and return information about the contents of the viewer window and its coordinates.

MiDocView (viewer control) Properties, Methods, and Events

ActionState The allowable actions. For example, "pan" and "select".
Document The displayed document.
DocViewMode A setting that determines how pages are displayed.
FileName The file name of the document, if opened from a file.
FitMode A value that determines how to fit a page into the viewer window.
ImageSelection The user's selection returned as an image.
LayerVisible The visible layer of the document.
NumPages The number of pages in the document.
PageNum The currently displayed page.
TextSelection The user's selection as text.
ClientToDocument Translates viewer coordinates to document coordinates.
ClientToImage Translates viewer coordinates to page coordinates.
DocumentToClient Translates document to viewer coordinates.
GetScale Returns the scaling factor that is in use.
GetVisibleRect Returns the coordinates of the visible rectangle.
ImageToClient Translates page coordinates to viewer coordinates.
MoveRectIntoView Moves the specified rectangle into view.
MoveSelectionToView Moves the user's selection into view.
SelectAll Selects everything on the page.
SetScale Sets the scaling factor to be used.
CurPageNumChanged Occurs when a different page is displayed.
FitmodeChanged Occurs when the FitMode property has changed.
PageChanged [Reserved for future use.]
PageCountChanged Occurs when the document's page count has changed.
ScaleChanged Occurs when the scaling factor has changed.
SelectionChanged Occurs when the user has changed the selection.
VisibleRectChanged Occurs when the visible rectangle has changed.

Loading a Document into the Viewer Control

You can load a document into the viewer control by using either of the following properties:

  • Set the control's FileName property to the name of an existing MDI or TIF file.
  • Set the control's Document property to a document that is already loaded in memory. (In this case, the Filename property remains empty.)

Working with the User's Selection

You can retrieve the user's selection in the viewer control window as text through the TextSelection property (which returns an IMiSelectableItem object) or as an image through the ImageSelection property (which returns an IMiSelectableImage object).

IMiSelectableItem (text selection) Properties, Methods, and Events

Text The recognized text in the selection.
Words A collection of the words in the recognized text.
CopyToClipboard Copies the selection as text to the clipboard.
GetSelectRects Returns a collection of bounding rectangles.

IMiSelectableImage (image selection) Properties, Methods, and Events

CopyToClipboard Copies the selection as an image to the clipboard.
ExportToPicture Returns the image selection as an IPictureDisp.
GetBoundingRect Returns the bounding rectangle.

Limitations of the MODI Viewer Control

MODI automation provides powerful document management and optical character recognition (OCR) features; however, it does not automate the document scanning process itself or support image annotation.