AddMergeSeq Method

Adds a MERGESEQ field to a mail merge main document. Returns a MailMergeField object. A MERGESEQ field inserts a number based on the sequence in which data records are merged (for example, when record 50 of records 50 to 100 is merged, MERGESEQ inserts the number 1).


expression Required. An expression that returns a MailMergeFields object.

Range    Required Range object. The location for the MERGESEQ field.


This example inserts text and a MERGESEQ field at the end of the active document.

Dim rngTemp As Range

Set rngTemp = ActiveDocument.Content

rngTemp.Collapse Direction:=wdCollapseEnd
ActiveDocument.MailMerge.Fields.AddMergeSeq Range:=rngTemp
rngTemp.InsertAfter "Sequence Number: "

Applies to | MailMergeFields Collection Object

See Also | AddMergeRec Method