CanContinuePreviousList Method

Returns a WdContinue constant (wdContinueDisabled, wdResetList, or wdContinueList) that indicates whether the formatting from the previous list can be continued.


expression Required. An expression that returns a List or ListFormat object.

ListTemplate    Required ListTemplate object. A list template that's been applied to previous paragraphs in the document.


This method returns the state of the Continue previous list and Restart numbering options in the Bullets and Numbering dialog box for a specified list format. To change the settings of these options, set the ContinuePreviousList argument of the ApplyListTemplate method.


This example checks to see whether numbering from a previous list is disabled. If it isn't disabled, the current list template is applied with numbering set to continue from the previous list. The selection must be within the second list, or this example creates an error.

Dim lfTemp As ListFormat
Dim intContinue As Integer

Set lfTemp = Selection.Range.ListFormat

intContinue = lfTemp.CanContinuePreviousList( _
If intContinue <> wdContinueDisabled Then
    lfTemp.ApplyListTemplate _
        ListTemplate:=lfTemp.ListTemplate, _
End If

Applies to | List Object | ListFormat Object

See Also | ApplyListTemplate Method