ClearAll Method

TabStops object: Clears all the custom tab stops from the specified paragraphs.

KeyBindings object: Clears all the customized key assignments and restores the original Microsoft Word shortcut key assignments.

Dictionaries or HangulHanjaConversionDictionaries object: Unloads all of the custom or conversion dictionaries.


expression Required. An expression that returns one of the objects in the Applies To list.


To clear an individual tab stop, use the Clear method of the TabStop object. The ClearAll method doesn't clear the default tab stops. To manipulate the default tab stops, use the DefaultTabStop property for the document.

After applying the ClearAll method to the KeyBindings object, the keys assignments in the specified template or document are reset to the default settings. Use the CustomizationContext property to specify a document or template context prior to using the ClearAll method.

The ClearAll method when used on a Dictionaries or HangulHanjaConversionDictionaries object does not delete the custom or conversion dictionary files. After using this method, the number of custom or conversion dictionaries in the collection is 0 (zero).


As it applies to the TabStop object.

This example clears all the custom tab stops in the active document.


As it applies to the KeyBindings object.

This example clears the customized key assignments in the Normal template. The key assignments are reset to the default settings.

CustomizationContext = NormalTemplate

As it applies to the Dictionaries object.

This example unloads all of the custom dictionaries.


Applies to | Dictionaries Collection Object | HangulHanjaConversionDictionaries Collection Object | KeyBindings Collection Object | TabStops Collection Object

See Also | Clear Method | DefaultTabStop Property