Set Data Access Page and Control Properties [Access 2003 VBA Language Reference]

Each data access page, section, and its control have property settings that you can change to alter the look or behavior of that particular item. You view and change properties by using the property sheet, or the Microsoft Visual Script Editor.

To set properties

  1. In page Design view, select the data access page, section, or control for which you want to set the property. You can select:
    • A control. Click the control you wish to select.
    • One section. Click the section selector of the section you wish to select.
    • The entire data access page. Click the data access page title bar.
  2. Display the property sheet by selecting the object and clicking PropertiesButton image on the toolbar. For sections and controls, you can right-click the section or control and then click Properties on the shortcut menu.
  3. Click the property for which you want to set the value, and then do one of the following:
    • In the property box, type the appropriate setting or expression.
    • If the property box contains an arrow, click the arrow and then click a value in the list.


  • Microsoft Access provides a Zoom box for typing and viewing expressions or other long property settings. To display the Zoom box, click a property box in the property sheet. Then press SHIFT+F2, or right-click and then click Zoom on the shortcut menu.
  • The property settings of a bound control might not match the corresponding settings in the field in the underlying table, query, or view to which the control is bound. If the settings are different, the form or report settings typically override those in the table, query, or view.