HorizontalPitch Property

Returns or sets the horizontal distance (in points) between the left edge of one custom mailing label and the left edge of the next mailing label. Read/write Single.

Note  If this property is changed to a value that isn't valid for the specified mailing label layout, an error occurs.


This example defines the layout of an existing custom label named "Laser labels." The horizontal distance between the left edge of one label and the left edge of the next label is set to 4.19 inches.

With Application.MailingLabel.CustomLabels("Laser labels")
    .Height = InchesToPoints(2)
    .HorizontalPitch = InchesToPoints(4.19)
    .NumberAcross = 2
    .NumberDown = 5
    .PageSize = wdCustomLabelLetter
    .SideMargin = InchesToPoints(0.16)
    .TopMargin = InchesToPoints(0.5)
    .VerticalPitch = InchesToPoints(2)
    .Width = InchesToPoints(4)
End With

Applies to | CustomLabel Object

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