Hyperlinks Property

Returns a Hyperlinks collection that represents all the hyperlinks in the specified document, range, or selection. Read-only.

For information about returning a single member of a collection, see Returning an Object from a Collection .


This example displays the target address of the second hyperlink in Home.doc.

If Documents("Home.doc").Hyperlinks.Count >= 2 Then
    MsgBox Documents("Home.doc").Hyperlinks(2).Name
End If

This example jumps to the address of the first hyperlink in the selection.

If Selection.Hyperlinks.Count >= 1 Then
End If

This example displays the name of every hyperlink in the active document that includes the word "Microsoft" in its address.

For Each aHyperlink In ActiveDocument.Hyperlinks
    If InStr(LCase(aHyperlink.Address), "microsoft") <> 0 Then
        MsgBox aHyperlink.Name
    End If
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Applies to | Document Object | Range Object | Selection Object

See Also | Add Method | FollowHyperlink Method