KeyCode2 Property

Returns a unique number for the second key in the specified key binding. Read-only Long.


expression Required. An expression that returns a KeyBinding object.


This example displays the key codes of each key in the KeyBindings collection (the collection of all the customized keys in the active document).

Dim aKey As KeyBinding

CustomizationContext = ActiveDocument
For Each aKey In KeyBindings
    If aKey.KeyCode2 <> wdNoKey Then
        MsgBox aKey.KeyString & vbCr _
            & "KeyCode1 = " & aKey.KeyCode & vbCr _
            & "KeyCode2 = " & aKey.KeyCode2
        MsgBox aKey.KeyString & vbCr _
            & "KeyCode1 = " & aKey.KeyCode
    End If
Next aKey

Applies to | KeyBinding Object

See Also | BuildKeyCode Method | KeyCode Property | KeyString Method