Languages Property

Returns a Languages collection that represents the proofing languages listed in the Language dialog box (on the Tools menu, click Language, and then click Set Language).


expression Required. An expression that returns one of the objects in the Applies To list.


For information about returning a single member of a collection, see Returning an Object from a Collection .


This example returns the full path and file name of the active spelling dictionary.

Dim dicSpell As Dictionary

Set dicSpell = _

MsgBox dicSpell.Path & Application.PathSeparator & dicSpell.Name

This example uses the aLang() array to store the proofing language names.

Dim intCount As Integer
Dim langLoop As Language
Dim aLang(Languages.Count - 1) As String

intCount = 0
For Each langLoop In Languages
    aLang(intCount) = langLoop.NameLocal
    intCount = intCount + 1
Next langLoop

Applies to | Application Object | Global Object

See Also | Dictionary Object | LanguageID Property