LineSpacing Property

Returns or sets the line spacing (in points) for the specified paragraphs. Read/write Single.


The LineSpacing property can be set after the LineSpacingRule property has been set to:

wdLineSpaceAtLeast the line spacing can be greater than or equal to, but never less than, the specified LineSpacing value.

wdLineSpaceExactly the line spacing never changes from the specified LineSpacing value, even if a larger font is used within the paragraph.

wdLineSpaceMultiple    a LineSpacing property value must be specified, in points.

Use the LinesToPoints method to convert a number of lines to the corresponding value in points. For example, LinesToPoints(2) returns the value 24.


This example sets the line spacing for the first paragraph in the active document to always be at least 12 points.

With ActiveDocument.Paragraphs(1)
    .LineSpacingRule = wdLineSpaceAtLeast
    .LineSpacing = 12
End With

This example triple-spaces the lines in the selected paragraphs.

With Selection.Paragraphs
    .LineSpacingRule = wdLineSpaceMultiple
    .LineSpacing = LinesToPoints(3)
End With

Applies to | Paragraph Object | ParagraphFormat Object | Paragraphs Collection Object

See Also | LineSpacingRule Property | SelectCurrentSpacing Method