PageSetup Property

Returns a PageSetup object that's associated with the specified document, range, section, sections, or selection. Read-only.


This example sets the right margin of the active document to 72 points (1 inch).

ActiveDocument.PageSetup.RightMargin = InchesToPoints(1)

This example sets the gutter for the first section in Summary.doc to 36 points (0.5 inch).

Documents("Summary.doc").Sections(1).PageSetup.Gutter = 36

This example sets the header and footer distance to 18 points (0.25 inch) from the top and bottom of the page, respectively. This formatting change is applied to the section that contains the selection.

With Selection.PageSetup
    .FooterDistance = 18
    .HeaderDistance = 18
End With

This example displays the left margin setting, in inches.

MsgBox PointsToInches(ActiveDocument.PageSetup.LeftMargin) _
    & " inches"

Applies to | Document Object | Range Object | Section Object | Sections Collection Object | Selection Object