OLEDBError Object [Excel 2003 VBA Language Reference]


Represents an OLE DB error returned by the most recent OLE DB query. The OLEDBError object is a member of the OLEDBErrors collection. If the specified OLE DB query runs without error, the OLEDBErrors collection is empty. The errors in the collection are indexed in the order in which they're generated by the OLE DB provider.

Using the OLEDBError Object

Use OLEDBErrors(index), where index is the index number of the OLE DB error, to return a single OLEDBError object. The following example displays the error description and the SqlState property's value for the first error returned by the most recent OLE DB query.

Set objEr = Application.OLEDBErrors(1)
MsgBox "The following error occurred:" & _
    objEr.ErrorString & " : " & objEr.SqlState

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