PlotArea Object [Excel 2003 VBA Language Reference]

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Represents the plot area of a chart. This is the area where your chart data is plotted. The plot area on a 2-D chart contains the data markers, gridlines, data labels, trendlines, and optional chart items placed in the chart area. The plot area on a 3-D chart contains all the above items plus the walls, floor, axes, axis titles, and tick-mark labels in the chart.

The plot area is surrounded by the chart area. The chart area on a 2-D chart contains the axes, the chart title, the axis titles, and the legend. The chart area on a 3-D chart contains the chart title and the legend. For information about formatting the chart area, see the ChartArea object.

Using the PlotArea Object

Use the PlotArea property to return a PlotArea object. The following example activates the chart sheet named "Chart1," places a dashed border around the chart area of the active chart, and places a dotted border around the plot area.

With ActiveChart
    .ChartArea.Border.LineStyle = xlDash
    .PlotArea.Border.LineStyle = xlDot
End With

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