SmartTagRecognizers Collection [Excel 2003 VBA Language Reference]


A collection of SmartTagRecognizer objects that represent recognition engines which label data with types of information as you work in Microsoft Excel.

Using the SmartTagRecognizers collection

Use the SmartTagRecognizers property of the Application object to return a SmartTagRecognizers collection.

This example displays the first smart tag recognizer item available for the application or displays a message that none exist.

Sub CheckforSmartTagRecognizers()

    ' Handle run-time error if no smart tag recognizers exist.
    On Error Goto No_SmartTag_Recognizers_In_List

    ' Notify the user of the first smart tag recognizer item.
    MsgBox "The first smart tag recognizer is: " & _
    Exit Sub

    MsgBox "No smart tag recognizers exist in list."

End Sub

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Parent Objects | Application

Child Objects | SmartTagRecognizer Object

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